Windows package#

DISCLAIMER: Windows support is still very early, and many issues have probably not be detected and fixed yet. If you feel like you found an issue, please report it on the Splash issues tracker.

Download the package#

The latest Windows package can be downloaded at the following link: Splash installation package for Windows.

Package installation#

The package should have been downloaded to your Download directory. There you should find a file named Right click on it to uncompress it, then double click the extracted splash-$VERSION-win64.exe (with $VERSION the version of Splash you downloaded), and go through the installation process. You will have to accept the licence which is the standard GPLv3.

Once installed, Splash should appear in the Start menu, or by looking for it in the search bar.

Package removal#

To uninstall Splash, you just have to go through the same process as any other software.